Driving from and to – Calculate time and distance

Do you know how to use a map? Maps offer many kinds of information such as the distance between two locations. You figure out the distance as a “crow flies” which is a saying that means starting from one location straight to the other location. For example you have Point A and in another part of the map is Point B – A is the starting point and B is the ending point.

The map has a legend which shows how many miles equal one inch or how many miles equal one centimeter. By measuring the length between Point A and Point B and using the legend you can calculate the distance between these two points. If one centimeter equals 150 miles and the distance is 1.75 cm then the straight distance between these two points is 150 x 1.75 equals 262.50 miles.

But we know that very few roads are built straight from one point to another point. So, you measure between landmarks. Example: Point A to next town equals .5 centimeter which equals 75 miles; then from that point to rest stop area equals .10 centimeter equals 15 miles. You add 15 miles to 75 and that shows that you have traveled by road 90 miles from Point A to the rest stop and you still have 60 miles to go to Point B as the “crow flies”.

Now that seems like a lot of work to figure out the distance from A to B when you can use Map Quest or an internet map and get the answer in only seconds. Has this all been a waste of time? No! The internet could crash worldwide and if you have a map you still would be able to know how long it would take you from Point A to B.

Soon we wil compare all times and distances. Come back soon!

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